My Recent Work

Huawei: World Class Customer Learning Service

Recently started working in Shenzhen China with the Huawei Customer Learning Services team to conduct research and assess gaps in order to help Huawei create a competitive, high quality, and profitable customer learning service.

Cargill: The Future of Learning

Developed and Co-Facilitated a 2 day workshop with the HR and Learning Leadership Team at Cargill.  The purpose of the workshop was to help the leadership team understand the forces that are shaping the 2020 workplace and to assess the impact on Cargill.  The main deliverables of the workshop were a new learning vision, strategy roadmap, prioritized focus areas and programs, and an action plan.

BT: Social Learning Solution

I recently lead a project that helped BT, a world-leading provider of communications solutions and services, to implement an award-winning social learning solution using Microsoft SharePoint that supports its strategy to make customer service a prime marketplace differentiator. Together with reduced costs, greater impact on customers and employees, and an enhanced corporate culture, BT is well on the way to high performance.

Here is a link to the credential:  Dare2Share – Social Learning at BT (Credential)

Here is an article (case study) about the business case for social learning at BT: The Business Case for Social Learning

Participants in the proof­-of-concept project were supportive of the solution. BT built on this success with a larger pilot program, followed by full deployment to all employees. The original business case estimate predicted total efficiency savings of more than £8 million ($12.8 million) and by the end of the pilot period the project was on track to beat this estimate by 53 percent.

In addition, BT expects Dare2Share to contribute the following benefits to its workforce:

Reduced costs

  • Reduced training cost (less travel and less formal classroom training).
  • Less coaching time required and accelerated access to answers and experts.
  • Less time in re-inventing or re­developing the same ideas and best practices.

Greater impact on customers and employees

  • Improved customer service levels.
  • Accelerated innovation and improvements.
  • Rapid take-up of new software, methods, products and policies.

Enhanced corporate culture

  • Higher employee engagement.
  • Increased desire to develop the talent of others.
  • More productive and frequent sharing, collaboration and networking.

Dare2Share’s contribution to learning at BT is evidenced by receipt of the prestigious 2008 eLearning Solution of the Year award at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition. Sponsored by Learning Magazine, the judges sought a solution where learning is delivered via any e-media that can be accessed by a computer and which achieved real results.

Creating Healthy Learning Communities:

I have created diagnostic tools that will help organizations identify and address high priority gaps and opportunities that will improve the health of their learning communities.  The diagnostic tools have been developed based on best practices in learning, collaboration, knowledge management, and networking.

A healthy learning community drives the following business results:

  • Innovation and top-line revenue growth
  • Client connectivity and sales force effectiveness
  • Rapid and effective large-scale change
  • Talent management and leadership development
  • Strategy execution and alignment
  • Financial return through effective collaboration
  • Lateral connectivity in your organization (such as best-practice transfer)
  • Reduced training costs

The diagnostic tools capture the current state of communities, technology, procedures, policies, governance, behaviours, and culture and compares this result to the priorities of employees (i.e., what employees perceive as necessary to their success at work).  The diagnostic tools also collect relevant data about the business in order to understand relationships between such things as business strategy and budgets with the health of the learning communities.

Follow these links for more details:

2 page brochure about the Learning Community Health Check

Learning Community Health Check Overview Presentation


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