Social Learning

Here is my attempt to define Social Learning for non technical people who have had virtually no experience with social media or software.

Most of what we learn, we learn from other people – from conversing with others – and networks promote those conversations.

Social Learning can create more powerful and enduring learning experiences through the use of online communities and networks, where learners are encouraged to co-create, collaborate and share knowledge and fully participate in their learning.

Social Learning is enabled by the use of Enterprise Social Software. 

The point of Social Learning is to help people establish and leverage “social” connections and to accelerate the distribution and sharing of “information”, “content” and “guidance” – so they can improve their performance, progress in their careers, and help others to learn and develop.


4 responses to “Social Learning

  1. For me, social learning is also about finding social meaning. People gather around commom interest subjects, and in so doing, they shape their own interest field.

  2. daretoshare

    Thanks Luziata. I agree that peole will discover new interests and re-shape existing interests when they interact with others. Society will influence how we see ourselves the world around us.

  3. Hey. I just found your blog. It looks great and I look forward to digging deeper.

    Social learning occurs when people observe or learn about the behaviors of others, then emulate (or avoid) those behaviors based on their own motivations and expected outcomes. (Or something like that.)

    Although the interwebs can certainly facilitate social learning, computer hardware and software are by no means essential. Including them in a definition of social learning artificially constrains the concept.

    • daretoshare

      Thank you for sharing your view about social learning. I understand your point about the inclusion of “technology” in the definition as a constraint to the concept of social learning. I think it is useful to think about the behaviours first and foremost – then understand how technology enables the behaviours.

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