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Short Bio: Eric Davidove is a Senior Director for Talent Development at Yahoo!  He is focused on creating healthy learning communities, leveraging social media, proving the value of “informal” learning, removing “random” training, increasing learning efficiency and effectiveness, and aligning learning with the business strategy.  Eric has over 23 years of experience working in several major industry groups and multi-national organizations.  He holds a Doctoral degree from the Florida State University in Instructional Systems Design.



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Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am passionate about helping organizations view and approach learning more holistically.   I see learning as a process and believe it’s mostly about the flow of information.  Social media and Web 2.0 make it possible for us to optimize the synergistic opportunities across learning, knowledge management, communications, collaboration, and networking.  Such technology is helping us to blow past the traditional limitations of time and space, and to foster more “group” or community based learning experiences.  Learning is real time.  The “learner” is no longer in the “center” of my thinking – the community is my new focus.

I pride myself in my ability to practically innovate and to help my organization plan actions today that will help it thrive in the future.  I am very much focused on delivering results and ensuring alignment with the business strategy.  I am often seen as the “trusted advisor” and the person who not afraid to voice the unpopular or minority opinion.  I inject fresh thinking into my organization and deliver meaningful results.


A Sample of my Professional Experience:

BT; London, United Kingdom

Business Case: To enable the company to execute more rapidly on its transformational agenda, BT outsourced significant portions of its enterprise learning function to Accenture. The scope of the outsourcing relationship included content design and development, delivery, operations support and learning administration for more than 130,000 BT learners worldwide

Solution: The approach taken by Accenture included the implementation of a new governance model to ensure alignment of learning with the business, involving two integrated oversight initiatives: the BT Learning Council and Accenture’s proprietary Business Interlock Process.  The outsourced service also included training development, administration and scheduling, and delivery.  Accenture provided a managed vendor service and an apprentice program.

Role: Led the Business Interlock team for the first 6 months then became the Outsourcing Account Delivery Manager with full responsibility for commercial and contract management, operational efficiency and effectiveness, training quality, business case realization, client satisfaction, and financial performance.  Spent the last year helping BT to develop a learning culture and to deploy a social learning platform.

UK National Health Service; London, United Kingdom

Business Case: To improve health care for patients in Eastern and North Eastern England, the UK National Health service (NHS) has decided to implement a new electronic Care Records Service. The new patient record systems should offer access to electronic appointment booking & transmission of prescriptions from other providers and support approximately 17 million citizens served by 2,700 General Practitioners (GP) practices, & 167 hospitals across the regions.

Solution: The key components of the education and training solution were a learning management system and associated training help desk, training products, role-based development plans, train the trainer services and training deployment guides.

Role: Head of learning and development for the Eastern and North Eastern Clusters.  Led the development of the learning and development strategy, training policies and procedures, role based curricula, and training materials.  Led the design and deployment of the learning management system.  Led the training administration and delivery team.

Halliburton; Houston, TX, USA

Business Case: Halliburton is a global energy company that provides products, services and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration, development and production.  The company faced a challenge in which the workforce was demanding more professional development opportunities and an infrastructure that didn’t support the existing training environment.  Required training was not assigned, tracked, or delivered.  There were bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the training registration and delivery procedures, inconsistencies in standards on course cataloguing, lack of connection between learning activities and competencies, and several databases that contained redundant personal information and training plans that were continuously out of synch with HR systems.  This industry leader found itself with no eLearning platform to address these issues in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Solution: The iLearn strategy called for the deployment of an enterprise-wide implementation of a Learning Management System to 35,000 professionals in 20 countries. The iLearn platform is designed to interface with existing HR and financial systems, the competency assessment tool, and a virtual classroom and collaboration tool.  The solution also called for a company-wide conversion of all existing course catalogues, certifications and training histories to one repository, as well as the integration of 3rd party asynchronous online courses.

Role: Led the business development and proposal activities.  Co-led (with the client) the design, development and deployment of the iLearn strategy and operation including the policies, organizational structure, procedures, governance, and technologies.

Entergy; New Orleans, LA

Business Case: Entergy Corporation, headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a regional electric utility company that delivers electricity to more than 2.5 million customers.   Entergy had to respond quickly to the human performance demands of two major business initiatives: preparation for deregulation of the Texas electricity market and a new Customer Information System. The magnitude of such changes affects the way the company works and how it is organized.

Solution: Delivery of a targeted diagnostic workshop which identified the learning requirements, priorities, solution alternatives and implementation roadmap and deployment of an eLearning solution that included a Learning Management System, a virtual classroom and collaboration tool, and custom web-based training products.

Role: Led the learning management system and virtual classroom platform requirements definition and vendor selection phase.  Led the design and deployment of the learning management system and virtual classroom platform.  Created the elearning strategy and web-based training products.  Led the development of a performance support tool for the board of directors to enable their quarterly review.

Other Clients:

Aetna, American Utilities, AMP, Bank of America, BP, Cigna, Exxon-Mobile Chemical, Fedex, Florida Power and Light, Florida Power, Georgia Pacific, Groupo Vitro, Nokia, Orange and Rockland, Pepsi Cola North, Ryder, SumTotal (Docent), Sysco, Southern Company, Telco, Texas Utilities, and Weyerhaeuser.

Sample of Internal Responsibilities:

Head of the Delivery Excellence team for the Utilities Solution Center.  Responsibilities included operational excellence, change management, communications, training, and performance measurement.  Objective was to continue to make the Solution Center faster, better and cheaper.  The learning function was assessed and awarded the highest level possible for the capability maturity model.

Head of the Worldwide Utilities Knowledge Management office with a focus on areas such as technology, solution delivery, change management, ecommerce, consumer services and SAP.  Also led the effort to develop an intranet for the Solution Center and the Solution Center internet site on

Head of the Worldwide Resources (Industry Group) Training Initiatives in the areas of eCommerce, SAP and Customer /1 (An Accenture Client Server Asset).  This training was targeted to key project team roles and was available to both Accenture personnel and its clients.


University/College: The Florida State University

Degree: Doctoral (Instructional Systems Design)

Graduation: May 1990

University/College: Gallaudet University

Degree: M.S. (Educational Technology)

Graduation: May 1986

University/College: California State University Northridge

Degree: B.A. (Radio, Television and Film Production)

Graduation: May 1982


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