Tw-elicious Tweets

I tend to write very “serious” blog posts – all business for me!  Today is different.  “Why not”, I asked myself, “write something humorous – something a bit less serious – whilst still making sure it’s something with a lesson or teachable moment”.

Don’t bother reading this post unless you know about or use Twitter – you wont’ get it!

Some Tw-elicious Tweets

Tw-izza:  Oh watch out for these tweets – you can easily consume more than you need because they taste so good.  They’re cooked up really fast, take a while to get through, and are quite filling (tend to take up a lot of your precious time).  You should only read these when you are hungry for tweets.  They usually go down better when chased with a good beer or glass of wine.

Tw-im Sum: A generally uncommon tweet that you typically see about once a week.  They tend to get served up in small groups or bundles and might be too hot at first too touch.  I suggest you put this type of tweet aside for a few minutes, let them cool off a while, and then take them in one bite at a time.

Tw-eggs:  I like these tweets.  Good at almost anytime of the day and tend to go well with other tweets.  Usually quite straightforward, understandable by most people with varying perspectives, translate well into different situations, and quite easy to store away.  Be careful because these tweets do tend to break apart if handled too often.

Tw-ish and chips:  One of my favorite tweets because they look so good when first served up.  I like to listen to music when I read these tweets and typically prefer them on cold days or evenings – especially when it’s raining.  This type of tweet is quite filling and tends to leave very little room for you to consume any other tweets for the rest of the day.  They really occupy a bunch of brain cell ativity.

Tw-orridge:  Good wholesome tweets that are best read first thing in the morning.  They tend to stay with you most of the day.  This type of tweet really clears the head and you feel much better off after reading them.  Watch out for the ones that just need a few minutes of thought.  They look like the ones that require a bit more reflection (or cooking) but they’re not as good for you.

Tw-alad:  Fresh, light, honest, and very helpful tweets.  There is nothing in this type of tweet that will hurt you or cause you to toss and turn at night.  Usually best to consume during lunchtime – but not too bad once in a while later in the evening whilst drinking a bit of tea.   You cant’ survive alone consuming just this type of tweet.  They tend to leave you hungry with too many unanswered questions.

Tw-ushi: Best to read this type of tweet along with controversial (or spicy and salty) tweets.  This will help bring out or emphasize the main messages.  Be careful because some of these tweets might be undercooked and not yet ready for consumption.  On the other hand, it’s the raw nature of these tweets that make them so appealing and unique.

Tw-urrito: This type of tweet is very filling but not as much as a Tw-ish and chips tweet.  There are some after effects to keep in mind (I won’t go into much detail here).  Let’s just say that it’s best to make sure you are not with too many people a few hours after reading this type of tweet.  You might say things that you will later regret.  This type of tweet is best consumed during lunchtime or during the early evening hours.  From the outside, the generally look the same.  On the inside you can find almost anything and that’s what makes this type of tweet so special.

Tw-andoori: Complicated, sometimes a bit dry, and not the type of tweet that you want to read too often.  You really have to be in the right mood for this one.  I never make this type of tweet my main meal so to speak.  They do tend to bore me after a while and taste better when accompanied by other tweets.  One good thing about this type of tweet is that it is still good even the next day after you read it (i.e., good leftover tweets).

Tw-ocolate: Hmmm sooooo goooood.  Just can’t get enough of these babies.  Mostly I like to dwell on them for a long time.  Every once in a while I consume them very quickly and all at once.  There is never a bad time to read this type of tweet no matter what anyone else tells you.  They lift you up when you are feeling down, they add that special spark to your day, they never let you down.  Just don’t over do it.  You can get a major headache if you try to process too many Tw-ocolates not to mention a real guilt trip.  What the heck.  You only live once – right?

What are some of your favorite tweets?


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