Are You a Super Learner?

One of my colleagures approached me yesterday and said “your Super Learner podcast was brilliant!”  I had forgotten that I made the podcast then decided to post it on my blog to see if other people find it useful and thought provoking.

The podcast describes skill sets of a super learner and what you can do to identify, develop, and enable them.

Ready or Not – Here They Come!


3 responses to “Are You a Super Learner?

  1. lauralou0319

    Hi David – great vodcast. This reminded me of the nuture vs. nature debate. So, we can provide stuff that super learners like that will further their learning – but is there a way to “nuture” super-learners from average/regular learners? Or are super-learners just born?

  2. daretoshare

    I will have to dust off my BK Skinner and Carl Rogers essay from my university days. The short answer from me is “some of us will become better learners than others most likely due to a difference in traits and qualities that are not learnt.” However, I think we all need to become better learners and we all have the potential to become better learners. More and more we are expected to learn by talking to people, finding content in different places and through different media, and make sense out of chaos. Learning to learn is very important as we use more social learning media.

  3. Agree this is a great podcast. I wouldn’t classify myself as a super learner, but I’ve been drawn to those I would classify as super learners to follow on Twitter etc. You can easily see who is constantly searching, learning, thinking based on their posts etc. My learning is increasing just by being in the network of those “super learners”.

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