BT Dares to Share – Social Learning Case Study

Follow this link to read about BT’s experience with social learning.  Yours truly was involved with this project – read my quote in the case study.  Peter Butler (Head of Learning BT Group) is presenting this case study at the IMPACT 2009 conference (April – Saint Petersburg, Fl).

Excerpt from the case study:

In February 2008, BT asked Accenture to showcase some Web 2.0 approaches and technologies that could address the learning and development challenge with a desire to take one forward. BT was most intrigued by the Podcasting Kit for SharePoint solution that runs on Microsoft SharePoint as it would leverage existing technologies and investments, align with BT’s knowledge management and collaboration strategies, and address the key challenges and goals expressed by the BT Learning Council. 

BT selected Accenture to complete a Podcasting Kit for SharePoint proof-of-concept project to confirm its applicability as well as the business case. The Podcasting Kit was renamed for use in BT as Dare2Share. Dare2Share is an internal You Tube style podcasting platform where employees can create and upload short learning nuggets to their colleagues in either video or audio format. 

Dare2Share allows BT employees to learn from each other by rapidly capturing and spreading learning throughout the organization in the form of podcasts, discussion threads, blogs, RSS feeds and other traditional knowledge assets (documents, courses and portals).


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