Social Networking Attracts and Retains Best (New) Talent

Why are CIO’s and IT Leaders warming up to the idea of social networking?  Partly because they think offering social networks to their employees will help with recruitment.  Millennials tend to choose their place of employment based on how accommodating companies are to their social networking preferences.  Another reason is out of concern for security.  Research suggests that Millennials will use “unauthorized” social networking tools if such tools are not provided by the IT department.  The CIO’s and IT Leaders are also realizing the business benefits from enabling their employees to use “Facebook” like tools in order to collaborate, network, and share “information.”  Are there risks?  Yes.  But social networking tools are here to stay and companies need to start using them, learning about them, and finding a way to use them without causing harm to the business.

I am truly excited about helping my clients adopt and use social media for collaboration, knowledge management and learning.  The potential for improving performance and driving business benefits is huge.  Traditional models and structures are quickly becoming irrelevant.  The power base is shifting from people with titles to people with good networks.  We are able to learn continuously and at accelerated rates (on our terms and based on our desires).  We are more willing to share with others and we are less interested in “protecting” our ideas.  We are innovating and spreading new ideas faster and more effectively.

I am out of breathe, struggling to keep up, overwhelmed by so much content, meeting a bunch of great people, and loving every minute of it.


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