Jay Cross at Learning Technology

Jay presented at the (London) Learning Technologies Conference in Feb 09

Jay Said:

It’s no longer “me” as a learner – it’s “us”

Jay acknowledges that elearning has had a positive impact over the last 10 years and then makes the case for change.  Is collective knowledge the way to keep pace with business change?  “Each one teach one” will return better payback than the traditional (formal) methods of training – right?  What is the future training department?

I say:

Research tells us that corporations need to target their learning and development budgets for high impact and place more focus on “informal” training.  The waste in typical organization’s learning and development budgets is in the tens of millions of dollars.  Consider that 80% of the budgets for most companies goes to supporting formal training which is where 10% to 20% of the learning and knowledge transfer occurs.  At best, 40% of the skills learned in the formal training are transferred immediately back to the job.  Six months on, the transfer rate is 25%.  And one year after training the employee has remembered and transferred about 15% of the learned skills.


Does Learning2.0 hold the key?


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